Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It was just too soon.

Soup consumption is akin to comedy – timing is everything.

I simply did not let enough time pass to let the healing take place. And only time can heal the deep, dietary wounds that are left by the tsumani of turkey consumption that we call Thanksgiving.

I made a gross error in judgment. I exhibited a complete absence of common sense. Pure stubbornness. The Japanese call it Ganko, and it’s no coincidence that the second Kanji symbol looks like some blockhead about to boot up a soupy mess.

My crime came in the form of Campbell’s Chunky Fully Loaded Turkey Pot Pie (with dumplings). Yes, I realize that I’ve been consuming dumplings at an alarming, if not dangerous rate. The fact that my friends and family have not facilitated a dumpling intervention leaves me wondering if anyone even cares about my well-being. Perhaps that’s the real problem behind my reckless, irresponsible mid-day decisions.

But I digress.

I think on any other day, in any other season, this product would have exceeded my expectations and left me blissfully bloated. In fact, I look forward to a time when I can enjoy a bowl of this glorious gut bomb with a clear mind and an objective palette. But today it made me question my basic sense of judgment. At least as it relates to poultry and the consumption thereof.

It was too soon.

It was just too soon.

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