Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another soldier in the Crusade.

I’m pleased to announce that a co-worker has joined me in declaring jihad on over-priced lunches. Although, I’m not convinced that she is as dedicated as Yours Truly. In time we shall see.

For the sake of science, it’s crucial that this person remain anonymous. We’ll call her Meghan Haley. Meghan may or may not look like the person pictured above.

Meghan may or may not be a single, non-smoking, Aquarius in her early 30’s. She may or may not like the indoors, and/or the outdoors. Meghan certainly loves her mother, and isn’t cruel to animals, although she will occasionally show indifference towards them. Meghan is not one of those weirdo hippie vegans, and she has a decent job. (Even though the guy in the office next to her is a world-class a-hole.) If given the choice, Meghan usually grabs a can of reduced-sodium soup from the soup shelf. Campbell's Select Harvest is also a fav.

Although she’s never been to prison or passed out in a pool of her own vomit, Meghan is not a square. She’s always up for pint of local brew and a game of foosball.

If you would like go on a date with this “person” that we’re calling “Meghan,” post your reasons in the comment section.

Or, if you happen to think that chicken tastes good with apricots and olives, I think I know your soul mate. We'll call her "Rebecca P."

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  1. If I was a lesbian or if I lived in VT - I would totally date Meghan.