Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I just needed to dry out.

For lunch today, I had leftovers from last night’s supper. I could have easily forgone a Plog entry and left YOU, my only reader, in a stunned state of sadness, emptiness and emotional disarray. Instead, I wrote you some poems.


Journey grows tiresome
Drowning in cold, soupy sea
Pork is my life raft

The Allegorical Limerick:

As a traveler beats the same weary path,
Day after day for some weeks.
It’s not buried treasure,
Nor pleasures of flesh
It’s change in the scenery he seeks.

And alas, the Plain Cussin' Limerick:

I once knew a dude from Nantucket
Who ate fucking soup by the bucket,
It’s guilty I plea
That person is me,
And today I told soup to go suck it.


  1. Pork is a seductive mistress. Soup will understand. And when the music stops, soup will be there.

    Your other reader.

  2. I agree. Who can argue with the occasional pork on the side? Soup will understand. Besides, I had the black bean soup at lunch today. So I got your back.