Friday, February 5, 2010

Finally, a Plog-sanctioned competition that isn't dwarf tossing.

A 50 lb. cube of industrial-grade beef bouillon goes to the person who can tell me what's wrong with this advertisement.

To see a larger version, click here.

To visit the live webcam in my living room, click here.

To see a chicken with a beer shoved up its ass, click here.


  1. how 'bout I tell you what's not wrong with it...that would be more difficult...and worth a prize.

  2. From the Plog Competition Bylaws, that exist only in my mind:

    Section 73F, Paragraph 26543lFH7G-0065T:
    Attempting to change and/or break the rules of any Plog-sanctioned competition will result in the immediate disqualification of attempter.

    This happened once in 1986 when Bjorn Bjornsen von Bjorkquist was disqualified from Plog Dwarf Toss XXIV for using a midget.

    Bjorn later took his own life via auto erotic asphyxiation in a janitorial supply closet at IKEA.


  4. I think we are having a difficult time understanding what a competition is. And by "we" I mean "you."

  5. Is it Little Miss My-Husband-Blew-My-Legs-Off-For-Not-Feeding-Him-Hearty-Enough-Soups, 2nd from the left there?

    And is that third "Lady" supposed to be Frida Kahlo?

    And also...I think they're letting their goldfish crackers get soggy in the enlarged-for-clarity image.